I have my end date.

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I have my end date.

So I had a dr apt today. She has me scheduled for a repeat csection if we make it that far. Starting sat this little boy will be getting his eviction notice. I get to try a VBAC but can not be induced so he has until July 20 to come on his own. My csection is scheduled for 730 in the morning on the 20th. So I hope he tries to come before then but since I'm already for him to be here I know the 20th can't come soon enough either.

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Good luck with the VBAC. July 20th is my c-section date too, though I have to wait until 10:30. So if we both make it that far our boys can be birthday buddies! Smile Isn't it nice to know we're not going way way overdue though?

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Yes. My dr probably would have done it earlier the week if I wasn't wanting a VBAC but I knew I didn't want to go over either. So kinda best of both worlds. I can't believe it's just 3 weeks away already.

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I'm trying for a vbac as well. My c/s is already scheduled as well. Good vbac luck to us!!! I'll be stalking you to see how it goes!

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Yeah for having an end date.. Hope ur little one makes his appearance before then but glad u know it can't go any longer than the 20th!!!