I testing this morning...

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I testing this morning...

Tested this morning and got a BFN. I'm only 9DPO so that's what I should have expected right? I did expect a BFN but of course you're always hoping for a surprise BFP. I guess I'll be testing every morning for the next few days since I have lots of ICs. I'll use the FRERs and Answers I have later if I get a BFP or if I get something questionable. I sure hope this is it. I haven't worried about it much this month because I've honestly been way too busy to obsess as I normally would. I hope that means that it's a BFP for me this time. I know we haven't really been trying that long but it feels like forever, and every month that I'm not pregnant I think that I never will be. It just gets so frustrating. Grrrr...

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I'm sorry Sweetie! But 9dpo is really early. You still have a good chance of being pregnant! Hoping you get your BFP in the next few days!