I'm out.

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I'm out.

The :witch: showed this morning so I'm officially out Sad It was great getting to know you gals here. I'll be sure to stalk most of you who I have gotten to really know my past 2 cycles trying to get a July baby. HH9M everyone. On to the next month.

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I am sorry that the witch showed. I wish you the best of luck for next month.

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So Sorry...
Good luck for your next cycle!

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I am so sorry. {{{HUGS}}} Good luck in August. I'll be stalking you!

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I'm sorry she showed her ugly face. I hope next month is your month.

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I'm sorry...best of luck to you!!!

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Thanks Girls. I'm still pretty bummed but and so is DF but we just said we'll keep trying so that's all that matters.