Induction date and more

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Induction date and more

Well I go in on Saturday evening at 5 pm, have the foley bulb inserted and then come home and wait. If it falls out I have to go back in to get the show on the road, if not then I have to report back at 8 am Sunday morning to get the pitocin and start. Either way this Sunday is baby day for me if I make it til then.

I went to the washroom a little bit ago, wiped and there was (WAY TMI) bright red blood mixed with mucous, now it is like pink when I wipe, I called and asked if I shoudl go in but was told it is normal and I could experience cramps and diarrhea with it which is all good signs labor is coming (haha little do they know). So sometime between now and Sunday Kinley will be here.

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Sending lots of ELV!!!

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Wow, so soon! Good luck!

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Good luck. Keep us updated!!

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Wow, I can't believe it's almost go time for you! Best of luck and ELV!

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Best of luck!!

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Good luck! I'm glad to know your body is already showing some signs of going into labor soon so hopefully the foley works and you don't need the pitocin. Why are they inducing, if you don't mind my asking?

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Good Luck today!!! Sending lots of ELV!!!

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Good Luck! Hope all is going well!