An interesting month to be TTC

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An interesting month to be TTC

Boy this is going to be an interesting month for TTC. I start my second round of Clomid tonight and then we start the fun part this weekend. But while we're TTC this time and right around the time I should be ovulating we'll be gone to Kentucky to visit with my brother and sister-in-law and our little 9 month old niece. It's really important that we go since we haven't seen her since she was about 4 months and I'm sure she has no clue who we are which makes us sad, but it's going to make things a little more complicated. They only have one spare bedroom and my mother-in-law is going with us too...I'm guessing she's chosen the couch maybe. Either way it'll be close quarters and this cycle is like it was last month I should be ovulating while we're there. Then a few days after we get back we're leaving for our anniversary trip. It's going to be a crazy month. Maybe since it'll be crazy and there'll be less time to worry about it it'll actually work out for us this time. I certainly hope so. We don't normally travel this much.

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i bet since you won't have time to think about it that's when it will happen! that's usually how it goes Smile good luck!

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I hope you're right! I figure no matter when it happens in the next few months it'll be really great! If it's this month we'll find out right around our anniversary. If it's next month it'll be around Thanksgiving and the next would be Christmas. So I figure any of those times would be extra special, not that it wouldn't be anyway. I got kind of excited when I thought that. I thought maybe I didn't get pregnant yet because we're supposed to find out for our anniversary or maybe it didn't happen yet because it's meant to be extra special when it does happen somehow. I hope I'm right! Maybe being around my brother and sister-in-law and their new baby will make my body more in tune to it or something. Haha. You never know. Them having a baby and my husband getting to be there right after she was born was part of the reason why we decided to TTC sooner. Who knows what could happen..:)

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Hoping your able to get some alone time and catch that eggie!!

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I know what you mean about the *date* to find out.. I used to always be able to test on the 27th- which is my "lucky* day and also our anniversary falls on it... so until my body got all out of whack- I used to be able to test on the 27th- turns out now I O on the 27th. So I'm hoping that means good luck for me this month since I O'd that day!!

Also- seems like the "craziest" times and the least planning- turn out to be the winners!!

Maybe you could suggest your family go out to dinner, or run to the park or something- so you guys can get in a 'quickie' or maybe have one in the shower? haha.. or just silently at bedtime...

Probably also will help if your family knows you're trying I'm sure they'll "expect" it.!!

I keep thinking the same things about finding out would be fun around those times- End of this month is our anniversary, and then its thanksgiving and xmas... but I keep thinking it'd be fun to TELL people at thanksgiving/xmas if I'm far enough along... so really hoping I could get this "finding out" for myself done NOW!!


Maybe you'll find out for thanksgiving that you have several BUNS in the oven?!

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Haha that'd be funny having two buns on the oven on Thanksgiving. Haha. The only problem with being where we'll be while TTC is that we'll be with my in-laws and they don't know we're trying and we don't want them to. My family knows we are but they're 12 hours away in FL so it's not like they'll accidentally tell DH's family. We wouldn't care if they knew if DH didn't work with them. He works for his step dad right now and all the other people that work there drive him insane. When we started dating it was so dramatic. When we got engaged it was all dramatic. He finally stopped talking to them much since they were always so negative. They've shut up since we got married but I can only imagine how much they'll bug him if they knew we were TTC. We worry it'll take the fun and excitement out of it if someone tries to put their nosy and negative spin on it. And I can't bear the though of my poor DH being followed around at work being asked a million private questions...these people have no tact it's awful. So we're keeping it under wraps for now. They can't do anything once I'm pregnant! Haha!

Thankfully my bother and sister-in-law have a pretty good guest set up with a private bathroom and everything too. I mean it's not like it'll be the first time we DTD there. It's just more pressure than before since my mother-in-law will be there too. Haha. My brother and sister-in-law know we've been planning to TTC soon so I know they wouldn't's my mother-in-law that makes me nervous. I think it'll be fine though. DH isn't concerned about it so I guess I shouldn't be either.

I'm hoping so much too that it's this month. I would love to announce at Christmas that we're expecting. That would be so awesome! Best Christmas ever! If it doesn't it'll still be okay of course but I'm really hoping that the being extra busy this month makes it happen for us. Way less time to worry that's for sure!