Introducing Dante Alexander

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Introducing Dante Alexander

I guess feeling like I was PMSing was my que that I was going to go into labor...that and making a billion cookies. Woke up and went pee on the 26th then went back to bed and felt wetness and thought that can't be pee and got up and splash on the bathroom floor...will post full birth story later, but here he is:

8 lbs, 20 inches, Apgars were 9 and 9, breastfeeding is taking some time for both of us, but we will get it.

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woohoo congrats!!! WTTW Dante!

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Glad he 'finally' came Smile He looks perfect and I cant wait to read your whole story.

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Such a cutie! Glad you finally made it. Can't wait to hear the full story later. Rest up momma!

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Congratulations! So nice to have them born. Good luck with the breast feeding, you will get it down soon!

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Congrats Mama!! He is adorable!! So glad he is here!!