Introducing myself

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Introducing myself

Hi! My name is Tori. I got my BFP a week ago, and if my math is correct I am due early August. But knowing my body, I have a good chance of going early, like I did with my DS. So I thought I'd intorduce myself over here, since I'll be lurking anyways Smile

I had my almost 14 month old DS Quinn last October, and married my wonderful DH Kent earlier this year in June. And now here we are, happily expecting #2.

I hope I get to stick around with you ladies, and HH9M to you all Smile

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Hi there!! Welcome. Hope to get to know ya and HH9M!!!

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Nice to meet you Tori! Welcome!

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Congrats and welcome!! HH9M

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:lurk: Congratulations.

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Welcome and HH9M!!!

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hey hey hey!!! GRATS!!!!!!!

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Tori congrats and welcome! Gotta love July babies! Looking forward to get to know you

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Congrats! Have a happy & healthy 9 months!

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:lurk: congrats!!