Joining July!!

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Joining July!!

Hey Ladies!

I got my BFP many days ago but I did not believe it! my AF isn't due for 3 more days yet. I just felt like I needed to take a pregnancy test before I got my wisdom teeth pulled. Well now I have to wait a year to get them pulled!

This will be LO #3 for us, we have two sons, Orion is 7 and Griffin is 2. The day after Thanksgiving we are going to Disney World!

Life is so wonderful right now!

Can't wait to meet you all and go on this journey together!

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Whoohoo, Becki! Congrats! Smile

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Yay!! Congrats!! I am preggo with #3 as well. Welcome to July!!

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Ditto on the wisdom teeth! I had an appointment on Dec 5th, but it looks like I will have to wait a year too!

Congrats, and welcome to July! Biggrin

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That was SUPER smart of you to test before you got your teeth pulled... I had to go in to have a tooth pulled - emergency - I thought there was NO WAY I was preggo - did not think anything of it...I had anestesia and everything - 2 weeks of percocet...
THEN i find I out I am preggo... But honestly i think i conceived during my recovery - even though pregnancy calcultor thinks it was before the surgery....

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Congrats and welcome! I'm so glad you got the news before getting those teeth pulled. It is certainly a good reason to wait! Smile

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Congrats and welcome to July!!

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Congratulations on your BFP!

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Congrats!!! We are also expecting baby #3:) wishing you a HH9M!!!