June Babies

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June Babies

June is having there first baby today, at 33 weeks!

That is just crazy, and makes it seem way too close for me. Hope everything goes well and Mom and baby are healthy (mom has pre-e).

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I checked out June and boy are they getting close. I can't believe we are already there.

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Is it too early to start packing the hospital bags??!! LOL

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Your ticker is getting low on days left. 68 days. Cant believe hoe fast the last couple of months are going.

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AAAHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm not ready.

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It is crazy that we are all on the home stretch!!!

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Eeeek! My doctor told me at my appointment this week to make sure I have the car seat installed and hospital bag packed, but I'm high risk and unlikely to make it to term. Still...so soon for all of us! I remember at the beginning thinking how far away May and June were, and now it's here!

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Wow, I'm not sure I would be ready for that yet. I hope the baby cooks as long as possible.

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I am ready now. Need to pack hospital bag and install carseat but other then that I am done. I belong to another birth club and we have like 5 babies born already over there it is nuts.