Kicks! :)

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Kicks! :)

I've been feeling squiggles and wiggles for a while now, but just today started feeling real, undeniable kicks! Just felt 3 little pops in a row. So nice to feel the baby moving and know everything is OK in there. DH has been waiting VERY anxiously to be able to feel the kicks too, and now we are getting closer to that day I think! Anyone else feeling kicks? Has anyone's DF been able to feel them yet?

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Yay for feeling kicks!! I have been feeling this baby for a long time. I started feeling flutters around 11-12 weeks, but within the last weeks I have started to feel the undeniable kicks and jabs, which I LOVE!!! Actually just today I was sitting here working on our taxes and I had a kick so hard I gasped out loud just becuase it surprised me lol.

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I have felt flutters but no kicks yet. I am waiting and am excited for then. Should be soon now.

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Ihave been feeling vlutters on and off for 4 weeks now - but only like one or two times a week.... I just want to start feeling it al lthe time - it has to be very soon for me - I know it!
DH thinks he can feel my tummy and just feels things like he will say - this is it the baby is right here - I felt it and i think he's nuts b/c how can he feel it if I don't! LOL

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yay for kicks. I have felt it twice but I am still early. I can't wait to feel them all the time.

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I just felt my first little wriggle today! Felt like a little fish swimming around for a few seconds! So different from DS who basically just poked me several times in the same place lol. I was so excited and it made it seem so real! Smile