Kind of depressing...

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Kind of depressing...

The month from when DH and I started TTC (Nov 2011) is having babies. This is taking forever. Okay, pity party over. I know I'm not the only one.

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AW, I completely understand! The same for me--I had a CP and would have been due in November Sad
I never expected to still be trying now

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Aww I know what you mean!! Me and my BFF started TTC same time... and her babies due any... minute!! Yesterday I went walking with her to try and walk the baby out, and sat with her when she was hooked up on the monitors and saw the ultrasound and was excited... but sad @ the same time thinking that could soooo be me!!! Butttt I'm trying to tell myself things happen for a reason.. when I finally get this BFP and the baby that comes with, I'll never regret I'd gotten pregnant sooner because then I wouldnt have THAT baby who I'm sure will be sooooo perfect aand 100% worth the wait!

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I understand how you're feeling. My due date was supposed to be nov. 12th.. but our bean didn't stick...Don't know how I'm going to make it through november.

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I know the feeling. If we'd gotten it on the first try, I'd have an almost 10 month old! I bet some of those people are already going for another one by now.

Everyone deserves a pity party once in a while! Hope it isn't much longer for you.

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Totally know the feeling, my last m/c - if it hadn't happened - would be a Nov baby as well. *hugehugs*

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I'm sorry. {{{HUGS}}}

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Aw ladies :bighug: I remember seeing you ladies on the November board. Sad Thanks for your support and letting me know that there are others in this with me. Smile I can't imagine how you who would be due in November are feeling. I'm really nervous about January coming around (that's when I was due). Hopefully we get our BFPs soon.