Kyla (ftmom)- How did announcing your pg go?

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Kyla (ftmom)- How did announcing your pg go?

Just wondering how everyone is reacting now that you can tell people you are pregnant. Were any of them suspicious??
I am way too nosy Smile

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It was actually pretty funny (to me). I wore my maternity clothes and still the only people who asked were acquaintances or friends I haven't seen in awhile Smile I did finally mention it to a couple of good friends and they had apparently just been discussing if I was or not Smile

I am still not really 'telling' people, just not denying when asked. Its also kind of funny to watch people ask and then they sort of cringe while they wait for my answer. Like they are pretty sure I am, but once they ask, they are afraid they have offended me.

I am definitely more comfy in my maternity clothes though!