At least I saved some money...

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At least I saved some money...

Well, my plan was to buy a test today after work so I could use it tomorrow, but alas, the witch decided to show up while I was at work. I'm glad I didn't spend any money on hpt's this cycle, usually I waste so much. I'm planning on doing clomid this cycle now that the weather is cooler cause the hot flashes kill me. If we're successful this cycle Id be like 37 weeks around my birthday which is July 26th, so who knows, maybe I'll get the best bday gift ever!! Good luck to all of you who are testing this week!!!

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nO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here's hoping to a great Cyncle next month. I didn 't like the temp drop this morning.

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I'm sorry Sad Hoping the clomid does the trick this cycle!

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Ugh, so sorry about the awful witch. GL with the Clomid this cycle!