Lifting other children

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Lifting other children

For those of you with other children, are you still lifting them? DS is 4 and a half. He is very lanky and about 40 pounds. Before getting pregnant, I carried him a lot still. I really love carrying him, but I don't think I should as much now that I am pregnant. I probably lift him and carry for about 5 minutes each day now. I guess I will ask the doctor in 2 weeks. I have heard if you exercise a lot prior to getting pregnant than it is okay to keep exercising while pregnant. I am wondering is this is like the same thing. My body is used to lifting and carrying him a lot.

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I think you are fine lifting him still. Just listen to your body and if something doesn't feel right then you should stop. When I was preggo with DS, DD was only about 25 lbs but I had her sit on my big belly right up until DS was born. It worked as a great little seat for her.

So I think as long as you feel comfortable doing it it should be fine. But it can't hurt to talk to a doctor either.

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You should be fine as long as it is something you have always done. I have a friend with a 4 and 2 year old, and she picked them up right until baby was born (her oldest is blind, so gets 'lifted' more than the average kid).

That said, if there is a chance you will have a c-section, it might be better to get him used to not being carried before baby is born, as you wont be able to lift him for 6 weeks after. Even with a natural birth, your arms will be busier after baby is born Smile But there is plenty of time for that!

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I'm still lifting my 3 year old who weighs about 34 pounds. I get tired faster carrying him, it's harder to carry him up the stairs now (so I make DH do it more often now), but as long as I feel OK, I'm going to keep doing it. I read that lifting/carrying your child a few times a day won't hurt the baby. It's more of an issue if you work at a job where you lift heavy things all day long.

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Thanks for posting this, it has been great to read the other responses. I probably won't lift him in and out of the carseat anymore, but I don't know if I can give up the rest! Smile He weighs about 34 pounds so I think I'm safe.

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I have been wondering the same thing...
I feel like I should not be picking up my almost 3 year old...but its so hard not too!
I have tried to stop lifting him in and out of the carseat - making him do it himself is helping him getting used to being more independent anyway.
I will be asking my Dr. about it at my next appt to be sure its ok...

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Moms with 3+ year-olds, I feel your carseat pain! DD sometimes refuses to 1. let me lift her into the carseat and 2. get into the carseat herself. We sometimes spent 10 minutes sitting in the car until she's ready to go. (My mom claims I was just like this). If I try to lift her in she arches her back and squirms out only to climb back in herself. If it's raining, it takes longer (she must get a kick out of me standing in the rain). Fun times!