The little bean! (pic)

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The little bean! (pic)

Our U/S went great, and baby-bean is measuring right on time!! We got to hear the HB and schedule my next two appointments!! Seeing it for the first time made everything so much more real, and now I can't wait to tell everyone! Biggrin

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I'm glad that your u/s went well ! You have a great looking bean Smile

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That is so awesome that you had a great appointment and got to see your little bean (who is super precious by the way).

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AWW! Congrats on a great appt and getting to see your bean!

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Yay for a good appointment! And, what a cute little bean! Smile

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Glad your appointment went well! That's a great pic!

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That really is a great photo. Seeing all these u/s pictures makes me want to have one. I doubt my dr. will do one until 18 weeks, though

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Congrats! That is a great pic.