Low Progesterone - UPDATED

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Low Progesterone - UPDATED

So my Dr. called me over the weekend to tell me that he is not happy with my Progesterone #'s - He would like them to be in the late teens at this point in my pregnacy (I was about 6/7 weeks when I had the blood work done) and my # was 13.4....
All he asked is when my next appt is and I said - this Thursday..he said , OK - When you come in tel lthe receptionist you need more blood work done and have the forms ready for me to fill out during your appt. I said ok and hung up...

I have no idea what this all means - so of course i google it...normal #'s in first trimester are between 9-47 so I am bearly within those numbers...
I have had no bleeding at all - but some cramping on and off since I got my BFP... I am so worried now... But good news is I am getting a sono on Thursday so we should know right away if baby has progressed or not...

Anyone have any experience with Low Progesterone?

UPDATE 12/2/11
Had my 2nd OB appt last night.
Got to see the little bean - who is actually looking more like a human than a bean! I saw arms / legs and even tiny feet!
Dr. took my blood right there and they called me this morning to say my level is now up to 16.8 where it should be so no need for RX! Yay - I am so happy!

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I haven't dealt with low progesterone while preggo. But I am sure that is something that can easily be controlled with some kind of medicine the doctor can give you. Hopefully your doctor will have all the answers you need on Thursday. Good luck!!

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I am currently on progesterone, just becuase my RE was being extra careful and wanted to cover all the bases. If your Dr. is concerned with your levels it surprises me that he wouldn't just call in an RX for you for some. That being said I have heard of women with much lower levels than yours going on to have healthy babies. Smile

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I have low progesterone also. My re put me on twice daily progesterone so there wouldn't be any issues. Its a pretty easy fix. Hopefully that's all you need! GL and keep us posted on what you find out!