Lucas has arrived!!!!

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Lucas has arrived!!!!

This is LONG overdue... But Lucas Drew arrived on 8/3/12 @ 3:28 pm and was 9lbs and 2 ozs, 22 inches long. We are both doing well.

We went into the Hospital Thursday night to be induced. We had the same room my 1st son was born in so I was so happy. It just felt like a good omen too me. I was still a 1 cm, 50%. But I started having contractions about 5-7 mins apart. They put the cervidil in and we started our long night. The worst part was being strapped to the monitors and not being allowed to move to much. The next morning I was only a 2 but they decided to start the pictocin and she broke my water. Not much happened in the morning and by lunch time I was barely a 3 but the contractions were really strong. They let me get my epidural at this point. 1pm I was still just a 3 and I was pretty upset that things were not moving along. I was an emotional mess and so tired and hungry. But then at 230 things all of sudden started to change. They checked me again and I was a 9 going on 10 all of a sudden. So we started to set up for the delivery and called the OB. As the OB came in the Nurse was having me do a practice push. Well the OB yelled stop pushing, I'm not ready yet. Well once she was ready I pushed again and his head came out. Then on the 3rd push the rest of his body came out. 15 mins - 3 pushes and one LARGE baby!!

Joey came to meet his baby brother that night and fell in love instantly with him. Its so cute. Here is a ton of pictures!!! (So sorry they are so big, I thought I made them smaller but apparently they didn't take...)

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Congrats! 3 pushes, impressive!

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