measuring growth u/s tomorrow - UPDATED

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measuring growth u/s tomorrow - UPDATED

UPDATE: All is normal, thank goodness! Baby looked great and is measuring at 5.5-6lbs which is in the normal range for 35 weeks. DD was born at 7lbs 15oz, so this LO might be similar. We got great looks at the heart (I saw all 4 chambers) and the kidneys, the spine and the stomach. I saw the brain too but it looked weird to me (luckily the technician thought it looked great). My fluid levels are also normal. She took a quick look at the feet and legs and I thought I might have seen something indicating boy, but for all I know it was the umbilical cord. She tried to get me a photo of the baby's face but he/she's shy and kept his/her hands in front of his/her face and sometimes a foot too. I got a profile shot with a hand in it but it was hard to see the face. I suppose I will be seeing it soon enough! Thanks for all of your well wishes!

I had a midwife appt today and my fundal height (belly measurement) did not change in the past two weeks. For a precaution, my MW is sending me for an u/s at 2pm tomorrow to make sure baby is in the normal size range and that my placenta looks good, fluid levels are good, etc. I am fairly certain this is a formality but I am nervous and DH cannot go with me because of meetings at work. It's going to be tough to keep the gender a surprise at this stage but I will ask them to have me look away. Wish us (me & baby) well. The plus will be seeing the baby so close to birth. She's/he's moving around right now and her/his heartbeat was super strong today so I think she/he's fine.

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I just had mine today, and you are right keeping the gender a secret at this point, my little girl was proudly showing off her little lady parts lol. I think at this point there are so many variables that can affect fundal height. For instance I had been measuring weeks ahead forever which is why my US was sched, they thought baby was huge then suddenly this week she dropped and now I am measuring right on. Bummer you have to go alone Sad But yay for getting to see baby!!!!

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Aw, I'm sorry you have to go alone. I had a similar situation with DS, I had a sizing u/s at 37 weeks that indicated I had polyhydramnios, and DH was out of town. He came home that night, but it was still scary until he got there.

Oh, and you're right about the silver lining - seeing the baby this late is really cool. Will they switch on the 3D/4D? I actually went into labor with DS that night, and it was so cool to have an u/s from 2 days before he was born. It really looked just like him!

Please keep us posted. I'm glad you're going in, just to be sure, and I hope everything is OK. GL not seeing the gender too! Smile

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I bet you are OK. I had the same thing happen with DS, the worried about his size because my belly didn't grow much after about 34 weeks. He was on the small side, but totally healthy. My current MW says it is very common for bellies to stop getting bigger around now, due to all kinds of variables that are normal and healthy. GL!