Michelle Duggar Pregnant again!!

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Michelle Duggar Pregnant again!!
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I read this earlier this afternoon, too. I'm pretty amazed. I don't really have an opinion on their family one way or the other...it works for them, and that's good enough for me. But I do have to say I'm really surprised just because it seemed like such a close call for her and the baby last time. I hope it all goes smoothly for them.

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i was shocked i figured after Josie was born at 25 weeks that would say maybe it was god's way of saying maybe we should stop but i guess not. good luck to her I cant even imagine being pregnant at 45 especially with my 20th

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I have only seen clip of their show. I always am impresed with big families. I bet the kids grow up with so much love and always have a friend to play with.

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I love them too! Their kids are great and there is so much love in their home. Obviously I'm a fan of big families Wink I read their first book and it was really interesting. There are risk as you get older so I'm praying everything goes okay with her pregnancy.

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They are a great family, and I am just wowed by how healthy Michelle has remained through all those pregnancies.

With her being 45 now, it gives me hope that I might have a chance for another little bundle of joy. I'm 43, and just recently have started to wonder if I'm crazy for continuing to try and hope for another baby at this age Smile

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I'm happy for them. It's not a lifestyle suited for everyone, but they do it well. Congrats, Duggars.

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Amen to that, Amanda. I--for one--would not be suited for 20 children. The guys in the white coats would be coming to get me for sure. Lol

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I've been following the family since it was 15 and counting. I love their family. I'm trilled for Michelle and Jim Bob. I think it's great they are expecting again. I was wondering when number 20 was going to happen Lol