Middle of the night pregnancy charlie horse

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Middle of the night pregnancy charlie horse

Just thought I'd share a treatment....during my last pregnancy, I got these all the time. Finally someone told me to flatten my foot out when it happens. My reaction was always to point my toe, which makes it WORSE. So if you get them, reach down and pull back on your toes and it will go away immediately, at least mine do. Also drink some water, because it happens more when you're dehydrated (hence the reason it most often happens in the middle of the night when you haven't had anything to drink for a while).

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Also, if you start getting these pretty regularly, eat a banana a day. They are also caused by a lack of potassium, and eating banana's can help:)

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And the coconut water helps too (it has lots of potassium too). So do potatoes. I like to get up, flex my foot, get it mostly out and then walk around for a few minutes. Ah the joys of pregnancy, hmm?

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I was always told if these happen it's cause of a vitamin deficiancy. I had super low iron my last pregnancy and I was having these charlie horses every night. I was put on an iron pill and they stopped.