Midwife Appt today

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Midwife Appt today

I had an appointment today. DH came and we got to listen to the HB. This little baby is a wiggle worm! She found the HB right away, but the baby was moving so much she had to move the wand all over my belly to keep up with it. No wonder I felt movement so early. HB was 166, which I asked about because it seemed a little high, but she said it was totally normal for a baby who was moving around so much. He/she was getting a workout in there Smile We also scheduled our first u/s! And the one where we will hopefully find out which flavor of baby we have in there. February 9th. We're going to bring DS so he can finally understand what we are talking about when we say there is a baby in my tummy, and get to find out if he is getting a brother or sister. I cannot wait!!!