Mommy- Does the baby come out of your belly button?

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Mommy- Does the baby come out of your belly button?

We told my kids on Saturday and they are super excited and curious about everything. They keep asking how the baby is going to come out, what do you say to a 4 and 6 year old? They keep asking if it will come out of my belly button or the hole above it (from where I used to have a piercing) Cracks me up!!

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LOL! I'm sure my kids are going to say something similar. We still haven't told them yet, and they are 5 and 7.

So how did you go about telling them? We are trying to come up with some way to make it special.

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Mine hasn't come up with any doozies like that, though he does get confused sometimes and thinks the baby is in my boobs instead of my belly. It's hilarious!

We told DS by giving him a Big Brother shirt and telling him what it said. It was definitely anticlimactic in that he took a while to get it, but then he was really excited!

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We told them when we were out to lunch with my parents. Since we were telling my parents we told them too by showing them the pics of the u/s. They were both coloring and it seemed like they didn't even hear what we were saying. I think it took some time for the information to sink in. At the end of lunch when we were walking out they started to talk about and since then it has been nothing but talk and questions about baby and what they are going to do for baby and what they are going to teach baby. It has been quite cute.

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DD tells everyone that "Mommy has a baby in her tummy" and then claims that she also has a baby in her tummy. So funny.

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Well, the question came today! "Mommy how does the baby get out?" "I go to the hospital and the doctor takes it out." "But how does the doctor get it out?" Over and over. I put him off, but I'm not sure what all to tell an almost-4-year-old about a c-section. Maybe he will accept the "doctor gets it out" in a few days. Smile

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well me daughter keeps asking if they will cut the baby out. I am just leaving that as a maybe because you never know. That thought doesn't seem to scare her so much but I am afraid that if I tell her the alternative she may think that is worse :eek:

My son is now on a mission to educate my daughter about "everything" that he knows about the baby, including the cord the baby is fed through and how the doctor will cut the cord with very very sharp scissors. I really should be writing this all down it is so cute!

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LOL - Soo cute...
My DS (turned 3 last week) asked a few weeks ago how the baby is going to come out - so i showed him my C-section scar and said the Dr. makes small cut in my tummy there and takes the baby out. It doesn't hurt mommy much b/c he gives me a special medicine so I can't feel it - but i will need to be VERY careful after we come home from the hospital so it can heal properly. He said ok and has been trying to give me C-sections using various blunt objects from around the house - like a balloon!

I know all 3 year olds might not like this explaination - but for my son I knew he would grasp it and be ok with it...

He is very confused as to how the baby gets the milk from my boobs from INSIDE? I gave a brief umbicial cord discussion - but that confused him...

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LOL I have been waiting for my 5 year old to ask the same question, and I am fully prepared to tell her the truth; She also pretends all the time she has her babies in her tummy (she puts them in her shirt) Then she goes to her room and pretends to "have" her baby; Screaming and everything. Now, you should know that she witnessed her little sister being born in our bedroom so she remembers and thinks thats whats normal I guess lol I don't really sugar coat things to her, she is a pretty mature 5 yr old.


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Thats adorable.

I got a package the other day and my 4 year old was so excited but she thought it just "must be the baby, she must be here now"

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**lurker** from June.

We have a 2,4,6, and 8 year old. We've told them all the truth about how baby will get out, and make it seem like no big deal. We just talk about how mommies were made to do this and that mommy will push the baby out of a special hole made just for that.

They took it in stride and it really wasn't (isn't) a big deal. Our big kids saw the births of their brother and sister, and our son watched the birth of his sister-- but none of them really remember it....I plan to have them there for this birth, too.

I think honesty is always the best policy-- just be simple and straight-forward and treat it as no big deal. I think they'll surprise you. Wink

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My kids haven't asked where the baby comes from yet....but they do ask every time I go to a doctor appointment if I had the baby yet. I say no, and DD#2 asks why not, and then I have to explain to her that the baby needs to grow, or the baby will be the size of ....whatever size it is at the time. She's anxious for the baby to get here! My eldest DD always needs me to remind her when the baby will be born. Its the day before her birthday, so I don't know how she can forget Blum 3

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DD asks me often how babies are born (we live down the street from the hospital her brother was born at). So far I have been able to tell her that Mommy goes to the hospital and the Dr helps the baby get out.

I am not afraid of telling my kids though that they have asked a good question but Mommy needs to think about it, or will explain it when they are older because it is complicated. This is probably what I will do if she pushes the issue. It is not that I dont think she will understand, or be OK with it. I am just not sure what to say, and dont feel that she NEEDS to know right now. I dont believe in lying to my kids though, so I will tell them straight out if I am putting them off:)

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Yeah, I'm glad I put off DS about my c-section. He hasn't asked about it again. I have thought about how I want to describe it to him, and I think it is better to wait until it gets a little closer. He still doesn't have a great concept of time, and I don't want him worrying about it until July. Once it gets closer, I want him to know so he can be careful when I come home, plus he'll be almost 6 months older than he is now, and that can only help him as far as the maturity to understand it.