More birth dreams

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More birth dreams

Who else is having them? Let's hear them! I had one last night and one the night before. Night before last, I dreamed that I decided to check my own cervix (which I actually can't do, it is too hard to reach, I think it is in kind of a weird spot, my lady parts doctors always have to dig around for a bit to find times). Anyway, in the dream I decided to try it since I read about other women doing it. So when I reached down, the baby's head was right there, like already in the birth canal and through my cervix. I thought "hmmm, I don't think that's right...don't think the baby's head should be out like that..." but just tried to push the baby's head back up a bit and pulled my pants back up and went on with my day! I think I decided to just call the midwife to see if it was normal LOL. I can't remember the one from last night right now.

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Oh yes, I've had two crazy ones!

In the first one, I had the baby and instead of a boy, it was a girl...a beautiful, six-month old, African-American girl with a full head of hair in cute ponytails. She was adorable and I was excited. My husband was less excited, as we are both Caucasian and he figured out that I had cheated on him (which of course I never have!) So that put a bit of a damper on the happy day.

Two nights ago, I dreamed that we went to the movies, and afterwards I started bleeding and cramping, so I went to the hospital where they told me it was time to do the c-section. DH went somewhere and they tried to start the surgery without him. A nurse told me "OK, we're going to make this first incision and that one will hurt because we're cutting a tendon, so we're going to have to hold you down." I was like "Um, where's my epidural or spinal block?" and they said "That comes after this first cut." I told them I was not doing anything without my husband there, at which point the doctor (not my real doctor) stormed out impatiently like I was being difficult.

Crazy pregnancy dreams!

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I had a dream last night that my sister had a baby and I dreamed the entire delivery (I guess I was there). She had a girl. I was so jealous that she gave birth before me since I have been pregnant for so long and in the dream she was just pregnant, although she had a full-term baby (and a BIG baby girl). Weird!