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More tired

Hmm, shouldn't I be getting less tired instead of more tired? During my first trimester, I was working SO much, my normal workload plus performing in 9 shows a week, and I didn't feel very tired at all.

Now I am just exhausted, definitely more tired this week than all of the previous weeks. Just walking around Costco wore me out!

I can also feel my abs starting to weaken and split down the middle again, so I feel kind of immobile, like I find myself avoiding getting up and down unless I have to. I *definitely* think it's too early to be feeling so pregnant.

Sorry for the complaining! I have had a few people already express surprise at how pregnant I look for "only" 3 months, and I am not looking forward to 7 more months of people making me feel like a heifer, and feeling enormous and uncomfortable!

What I need is to find out the gender so I can do some fun stuff, like shopping for a new stroller, thinking of baby names, etc! Smile

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Aw. I think around 13 weeks I got a little blast of tiredness and thought the same thing, that I should be feeling less tired. It went away after a week or so and now I FINALLY feel like I've hit that blissful second trimester energy rebound, although like you said, I am having more trouble getting up and down without the use of my abs, but it's kind of nice to have the reminder that there is a little baby in there. Now if I could just quit having these BH contractions I'd be all set.

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I definitely am still getting tired. I guess we are making lots of blood and growing a baby (and they are growing really fast right now!). I can't believe how much I have popped and people are asking me if I am pregnant. I hope the tiredness ends soon. I think my hair has stopped falling out, have you noticed that?

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Fatigue has been an issue for me since the beginning. It varies day to day but I get worn out so easy! I suspect that chasing a toddler around all day has something to do with it but I still think I'm having more of it this time than with my last pregnancy. I kind of feel like it's going to hang around forever!