Morning sickness...

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Morning sickness...

I feel slightly yuck this morning. I never thought I would be thankful for it, but I am. When did it start for others?

I had none with my first DS, I had barely any with my second DS, I lived on Zofran for literally MONTHS with my 3rd, and now it seems to have begun...

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Day four of morning, having an aweful time with it! I am thankful that I'm not throwing up with it like yesterday, so better Smile

Can't say I am exactly thankful for it. LOL...not at the top of my list anyway. I know it is normal, but I feel yucky!

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I have had it since about 5 weeks. I am on diclectin to control it because it is just too bad without it. I hope it stop soon though because i am tired of constantly feeling sick and drained.

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I'm sick 24/7. Even my Zofran only takes the edge off. I can' wait for this to be over!

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I am more sick with this pregnancy than I was with ds. I have to eat a lot. If I get hungry, I feel sick. If I eat too much, I feel sick. I feel best when I am eating. Certain things that made me feel better before are really making me feel sick, like roman noodles. I have indigestion too... my mom is convinced I am having a girl because of this but I think it is wishful thinking on her part

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Mine started right around 5 weeks. It was horrible for two weeks (24/7 but no vomiting). Then at seven weeks I started throwing up but I had times of feeling just slightly better. Now I'm eight weeks and getting some relief. Not 100% yet but definitely not miserable like I was. It's tough!!

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This past week has been awful.....I've been tempted to puke a few time because of my morning sickness. So not cool. I can't wait til this part is over Sad

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Mine is the worst when I'm in the car, early in the morning, and late at night. During the day it's pretty tolerable, which I'm very thankful for.

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I was slightly nauseated from the begining, but nothing that was out of control and as soon as I hit 5w5d I have had it all day everyday.....Blah. I am thankful for it, but I cannot wait until it is over. I can barely function, and last night I actually was dreaming I was throwing up and I woke up just in time to make it to the bathroom......Super fun Smile

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I've been feeling it for about a week (it was my first real hint that I was ready to get my BFP!)

But I don't think my morning sickness can tell time because I usually get it at night! So far it has been all bark and no bite. Thank heaven for little miracles?