My trip to L&D yesterday

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My trip to L&D yesterday

Everything is okay with me and baby...just a virus! I'm home today and feeling better!

Last week at my 20 weeks appointment my cervix was only measuring 2.2cm (should be between 3.5-5cm) after measuring 3.8cm last visit. Doctor diagnosed me with an "incompetent cervix" and scheduled me for a cerclage the next day, along with orders of no exercise, sex and limited work for the remainder of my pregnancy.

Cerclage went well on Wednesday and I was able to work 1/2 days on Thurs and Fri. I started feeling bad on Saturday and spent all day on Sunday and Monday with a nasty stomach virus. Oh the joys of being a teacher! Yesterday I still wasn't feeling well so my doc sent me to L&D for fluids and monitoring. I felt much better after an IV and kept my "lunch" of jello down. I even had a few contractions while there which the nurse said was normal with the virus.

I will be going in every 2 weeks for monitoring by my doctor. She hasn't given me bed rest orders yet, but I'm thinking my appointment next Wednesday might be the magical day. Honestly I'd be relieved to stay home...I'm just worried about all the yucky stuff these kids can spread to me. It took us 3 years to get here and I'll be damned for something to happen to our little monkey now.

So hopefully that's the only real excitement we will experience this pregnancy. When I left the nurse told me she would see me back in 19 weeks and NO SOONER! Lol!

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I am glad it was only a virus... I can imagine it would be hard to work "a little" as a teacher. I hope you get bed rest orders so you cna stay home, rest, and get aways from those germy kids!
Hope the rest of the pregnancy in uneventful...

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Glad you and baby are okay. Being a teacher is hard work, there is no way to really take it easy. I am lucky that I teach HS so there are some times that I can just sit down and do some of the paperwork.

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Hope things get better and you start to become more comfortable. Remember lots of hand sanitizer, and teach your kids to sneeze in their shoulders Smile

I am a sub, and I feel like I have been sick this whole pregnancy.....hope they send you home Smile

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Good luck with your Wed appt. My mom is a 4th grade teacher and it is hard work. Hope you can take it easy and the kids let you.