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My Update

The :witch: showed this morning. So far, just spotting. I'll hang around, and we will try for next cycle with a little more idea of how my cycle will be. Anyone know any natural fertility aids?
Oh, and if I do get a bfp next cycle, edd would be around Aug 9, but since I go early, a REALLY GOOD time for us to go (making it to the same gestation as DS 2) would put us around dh's bday of July 20th! If so, I'll hang out with you ladies!

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Oh, darn. Sorry. On the bright side, having AF show up puts an end to the agonizing 2WW, AND you are already in your next cycle and can start preparing for this month's hot zone.

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Sorry about AF ... hopefully you will get a BFP with this cycle and still stick around July Smile

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Sorry the witch showed! Hoping you get a BFP this cycle and a new little one to share your DH's bday!

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So sorry that the witch had to show her ugly face. I hope you get a bfp this cycle!!