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Name Thread

Ok - so we need to come up with a boys name , or even some we don't hate... everytime i try to flip through a book or website - we get frustrated reading through 1700 "A" names that aren't even really names... I need like a shorter list or book or something....

So what names are you all thinking of, tossing around, like, whatever...

GIRLS: No decsions yet but names we like are:

  • Angelina (probally top choice)
  • Amelia
  • Lily / Lillianne / Lillianna
  • Victoria
  • Summer
  • Kelli / Kellianne

middle names will be chosen after first name but most likely Joan or Jean after my mom or Grandma

BOYS:Dominick (we don't love but the only name we don't hate)

We typically like more traditional names (Michael, John, Joseph, Timmy, James, etc.. but we have so many cousins that used all the names we like already)

middle name must be Joseph (our DS's first name - a tradition in our family)

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We know we are having a boy, and when we found out my first thought was "Oh, no, I won't get to use our girl name!" because I was so in love with the name we chose, Lorelai Faith. I'm over it though.
We are having trouble coming up with a boy name too. We know Raymond will be the middle name, after DH's grandfather (also DH's middle name). We had been thinking for a while that Liam would be the first name, but neither of us LOVES it and after the u/s somehow it didn't seem like the right name anymore. I wanted to find a boy name I felt as strongly about as our girl name. We finally came up with Ronan, which means "little seal" and is Irish, so that seemed perfect. EXCEPT, my sister is having a boy next month and currently plans to name him Ronin (what are the chances??). They may still end up choosing another name, but if not, we will be back to the drawing board. We like traditional but infrequently used Irish names, and this time were hoping to find something ocean-related. So Ronan was the obvious choice. Here are our other ideas:
Eamon (pronounced A-mon, currently the second runner-up, and is the Irish version of Edmund, which was my great-great grandfather's name)
Liam (of course)
Miles or Milo
We can't agree on any others, so likely it will be one of those names.

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We are settled on "Easton Samuel". Although I still like Nehemiah Samuel....We'll wait and see.

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We are having so much trouble with boy names! As I mentioned before, our last name is a boy's first name, so I think we need to pick a name that is not a common last name, for example I love the name Mitchell (it happens to be my mom's maiden name), but I think everyone would call a boy our last name (as a first name) and then think Mitchell is the last name. One name we both think is okay is Benjamin. So, that might be it. DH likes Corey, but I am not sure. I love Jonah, DH hates it. The middle name will likely be Robert after my dad. My sister has a nephew on her husband's side named Benjamin so not sure that would be okay.
For girls we like Caroline (pronounced Care-oh-line, not Care-oh-lyn) and Catherine (a family name). We really do not have a middle name for a girl yet. At least we still have about 20 weeks to decide!