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Anyone started thinking about names yet? We have ours picked out already, but I am crazy like that lol. Now I just have to wait to see if we get to use the girl name or the boy name Smile

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We are not even close, but that's normal for me. I like having two or three names going into the birth and depending on what they look like, give them the perfect fit Smile

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Oh yea, had ours picked out like a week after we found out what we were having!! Smile What are your names? Mine will be Boy: Charles Adam Joseph and Girl: Allison Jordyn!

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Amber- We usually have ours set before the birth, but we always have a back up just in case, like you said the baby for some reason comes out clearly not looking like a, " " . I think it is a very smart idea Smile

Lorah- Very cute!!

We are not common name people so people either think that mine our totally out there or they like them. The names we have picked both have special meaning to us. Every single person in my DH's fam has a first name that begins with an R and I mean everyone!! All his aunts uncles cousins, (like all 43 of them) and all of his 2nd cousins. So far we have not followed that tradition so we figured since this will most likely be our last it would be nice to have one, and the intials would be the same as DH's late grandfather. For a girl we are using his late grandma's initials, (the only person in the fam without a R name). Both were amazing people with amazing qualities. And since my DH is Hispanic we also went with Hispanic middle names, since our other 2 do not have anything like that . Anyway for a boy we are going with Reid Joaquin, (it was very hard to come up with an R name that we both liked that has not already been used in his fam lol). For a girl we are going with Paisley Floriana, (his Gma's middle name was Flores which means flower and so does Floriana but I think it is prettier). Wow sorry that turned into a whole book.......

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Carissa - I love the middle name Floriana! I think it is beautiful!

We have not picked names yet. But thinking about it.

GIRL: Our pick for our last baby was ANGELINA, but since it was a boy, we didn't get to use it -so probally that will be our girl name, but we still want to think about it more - others I like (but DH does not agree) are: Lily, Amelia, Holly, Molly, Brooklyn, Makayla, Victoria, Annabella, Carolina, MacKenzie (my middle name) Julianna, Summer, Violet & Kelli

BOY: we used one of our 2 boy names w/ DS (Joseph) other name we LOVED was Henry or Henrik. But we names DS's lovey henry, and now it is such a part of the family i don't know if we can now name a child after DS's lovey! LOL We can not agree on ANY other boy names - only ones we both don't dislke is Nate, Nicholas and Dominic...but we don't LOVE them, just kinds like I am browsing the internet and stuff in search of a new name ideas - the middle name will def. be Joseph (a family tradition to choose a middle name of the last male born in the family). Other names I like but DH does not agree: James, Andrew, Drew, Ranger, Julian, Zackary, Shane, Christian and Trevor

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I refuse to talk about names until we find out the gender. Saves time and arguments by eliminating 50% of the names. Smile

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"SunDevil28" wrote:

I refuse to talk about names until we find out the gender. Saves time and arguments by eliminating 50% of the names. Smile

That's what we are doing this time around. I am thinking about names here and there but we haven't had any discussions.

Last time was a different story. I wanted to buy a baby name book the whole time we were TTC. That went on... and on... so when I finally got pregnant, I high tailed it to the bookstore and bought a few books. Smile It was the most exciting thing. I immediately started looking through them and writing down my favorites.

This time we will wait until we know to really start talking about it. I think I will get the books out to start looking but it's just for fun.

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We have names picked out, but they are still subject to change. Middle names are after baby's great-grandparents, first names have some kind of history or story behind them, but they are a bit long so won't tell them here.
Girl: Lorelai Faith, but we've also discussed Olivia and Violet for first names, possibly Roberta (my grandma's name) as a middle name or even second middle name (I hate that, but feel like I want to honor my grandma as well as DH's)
Boy: Liam Raymond, but we've also discussed Milo as a first name, maybe Gerald as a second middle name for the same reason as above.

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I love the name Jonah Robert. I just love Jonah and Robert is my dad's name. My dad has wanted a boy every time, but got two girls of his own and a granddaughter. DH hates the name Jonah. He grew up sailing and a Jonah is what you call someone who is terrible at sailing/should be off the boat due to the biblical connotation. When DH told his dad I like that name, my FIL suggested Robert as a first name instead. Honoring my dad. He hates it so much he'd rather have a baby named after my dad! So likely, it won't be Jonah.

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"Easton Samuel" for a boy and "Margaret ???" for a girl.....not sure on a middle name for that one. What sounds good as a middle name for Margaret?

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I want to use my maiden name (Carter) for a boy but DH isn't sold. We have a long list of girls names going but we can't narrow it down. We haven't decided if we will find out the sex yet, however, we do have a scan set for Jan 17.