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OK - since we are getting down to the wire.... has everyone finalized there baby names yet?

I think we finally have narrowed it down...

If its a girl:
Angelina (middle name still TBD)
options for middle name are: JOAN (my grandma) JEAN (my mom) GRACE (my Aunt) Any opinions???

If its a boy:

Ryan Joseph

We are only like 90% sure on Ryan - I wanted a name than had a longer and short name like Michael / Mike, but Ryan is the only name we can come up with that we both like....

So what has everyone else decided on?

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Zachariah Samuel Biggrin

We are pretty sure, but we still have the name Easton Samuel on the back burner if for some reason Zachariah doesn't work out.

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Our girl's name will likely be Caroline Eva (but Eva is pronounced Ava because it's Lithuanian). We also like the name Katherine.

Our boy's name is much, much harder. I want the middle name to be Robert (after my dad). First names we both sort of like but don't LOVE are Colin, Keiran, Peter, Justin and Oliver. My favorite name is Jonah but I also like Julian. DH doesn't like either.

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We are down to 2 (maybe 3 bc DH keeps waffling), and having a hard time getting anywhere from there. I'd really like to have it decided in the next week or two. I'm a planner. Smile

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We know this is a boy, so I won't get to use my first name choice (Lorelai Faith), since it's a girl's name Wink Most likely this little boy will be named Ronan Raymond (Raymond after DH's grandpa, Ronan because it means "little seal" and we wanted a loosely ocean-themed Irish name). When my sister was also considering naming her baby Ronin (spelled different, but still the same name! They ended up going with a different name though) we also had Liam and Eamon on the list in case we couldn't use Ronan. I like both of those names as well, and DH and I have talked about just waiting until the baby is born to officially decide. Maybe he will come out and we'll realize he is an Eamon after all Smile

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This little one's first name is absolutely Kinley her middle name we think will be Catherine Alice Elizabeth but we are not set in stone on middle names