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We had Liam Raymond picked out for a boy, but I was so in love with our girl name (Lorelai Faith) I want to find a boy's name I feel that way about. DH and I both love the ocean, and DS1's name is a name that has meaning for us as well as a mythological background, so I was wanting a name like that. Lorelai was perfect because it is the name of a mermaid/siren and the word itself means "to watch from an ocean cliff."

Raymond is DH's paternal grandfather's name and I think that is non-negotiable, we've been talking about the middle name being either his grandma or grandpa forever.
I kind of like Ronan, which means "little seal" because it has a mythological background and is ocean-related, but Ronan Raymond?? Hmmm. DH likes Cove, and I like the idea of Cove, but not so much the sound of it.
Cove Raymond
Ronan Raymond
Harbor Raymond
Or we could just go blatant: Ocean Raymond

Any thoughts? Ideas?

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check out this site:

I do think Ronan Raymond sounds a little strange and I find Ocean to be a girl name, but that's just me. Out of the names you listed I think I would go with Cove or Liam.

Good luck!

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That's a cool list posted above, there are some good names on there. I do also really like Liam.

If it were me, I'd definitely go with a name that had a water-related meaning instead of the blatant, but that's just our preference in names. Good luck, I hope you can find something you both really like!

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A water themed name would be neat, especially since the baby will be a water sign (Cancer the crab). Double meaning. And, in the Chinese zodiac we are having Dragon babies but the Chinese element is water so we're having Water Dragons (happens once every 60 years). So, triple meaning. (I have many Chinese coworkers).

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What about Kai? It means water/ocean. I know a few boys named Kai.....

Happy choosing!

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Lurker* Here were some names I found:

1. Lamar
2. Sagar
3. Dylan
4. Seaton
5. Kai (I might spell it Kye...because I think Kai looks a little feminine)

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I like Cove. It's unique. And I do like Kye from PP. Kye Raymond has a ring to it?!?!

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Calder- means "rough waters"
Morgan-"encircling sea"
Lennox-"flood area"
Jordan- "flowing down"
Kelvin-"narrow water"
Kade- "from the wetlands"

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Cove Raymond
Ronan Raymond
Harbor Raymond
Or we could just go blatant: Ocean Raymond

I think I like Ocean - its cool - also I don't think Ronan Raymond sounds bad - I kinda like it...