Need BTDT advice about Stairs post birth

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Need BTDT advice about Stairs post birth

So, I have been thinking about whether or not I will want to hike up to my room of our two story house after I give birth. Besides depending on how bad I tear, what are your thoughts or experiences with this? Should I just setup bassinet and such down stairs for a couple of weeks to recover, or is the comfort of my own bed going to outweigh having to climb the stairs?

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I had a c-section with my first. It was easier to sleep on the couch as my bed is slightly high. Just remember you will need to put something on the couch the first few days/ weeks to prevent post partum leaks from ruining your couch.

With my second I had a VBAC. I found it so nice to sleep in my own bed. I had constant people over to help me with the new baby and DS and it was nice to not have to worry about my living room being a mess of blankets ( who wants people sitting all over where they sleep?)

This time I plan on doing the same. Bassinet beside my bed.i found that climbing the stairs wasn't all that bad. it's also nice to be able to escape to your room. If your nursing and DH has someone over I loved being able to just go to bed.

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I don't know ablout vaginal birth - but when I had my C-section I was worried about the stairs and my high bed - I got a stool to help me in and out of bed and had no problem with the stairs - I just avoided going up and down multiple times a day and took my time when I had to...

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I had a vaginal birth and had no problems getting up and down the stairs (and I had a tear too). I did setup the pack n play downstairs with a diaper changing station so I didn't have to go up every time I needed a diaper or put DD down for a nap.

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I too have never had problems with the stairs, and I tore badly both times. I do recommend some sort of changing station, and even a place for baby to nap on both levels though, so you dont have to run up and down them all the time. I just have a waterproof pad I put down on the couch, and a basket of diapers and wipes that sits next to it for a change station (that way I can do it sitting down too, and a swing or bouncy chair would work for naps. Also, a place to nurse at night that is on the same level as your bedroom, if you plan to nurse. Some sort of rocker or comfy chair.

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Our room was upstairs when DS#4 was born I didn't find going up the stairs a problem. I definitely think being in my own bed was far better than sleeping on the couch. I second the idea of having a diaper changing station downstairs so you are constantly having to go upstairs. I have a basket in my coffee table with diapers, wipes, rash cream, extra onesies, extra clothes, and burp rags. That way I am not having to run all over the house to gather things up when needed.

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You should be OK with the stairs. The pain of a tear and normal after-birth swelling is more the type of pain that makes it uncomfortable to stand up for a long period of time, but it doesn't matter if you are walking, standing, going up stairs, etc. I agree with others that it's helpful to have somewhere to put a sleeping baby on both levels though.