Need expert advice on Acid Reflux

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Need expert advice on Acid Reflux

Ugh, it is everyday, the worst when I am hungry, but also sometimes after I eat. At first I thought it was certain foods, but it's anything and everything. Does anyone have any suggestions, I keep crackers on hand for when I get hungry and helps a little, and I take like one tums a day because I thought we aren't suppose to have too many of those and ugh, will this last for the rest of my pregnancy???

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I don't have advice, but did you talk to your doctor? There are some prescription drugs that I believe are reasonably safe while pregnant. I would call for sure - it sounds yucky.

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and BTW I think we can take lots of Tums. I remember a pharmacist telling me that.

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So I have acid reflux while not pregnant, and have since I was a kid I have been on meds since I was 20 consistently. So of course while preggo it is a bazillion times worse.....Anyway, you can take Zantac, over the counter, one pill a day there are a few dosages out there. you could start with the, I believe it is 75 mg and if that doesn’t work move up to the 150 mg, which worked for my first 2 pregnancies. I have to take prescription meds now.....Anyway Zantac is safe and my midwife and OB both recommended it. If you are against medicating, A Tbs of organic coconut oil a day can help, I would just spread it on toast like butter or you can just down the spoon full Smile A glass of cold milk will sometimes help neutralize things. Also don't eat 2-3 hours before bed esp high acid foods like citrus, tomatoes etc. I hope you can find some relief, I know how horrible and yucky it makes you feel and that is never fun!!

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I took zantac almost every day whith my first 2 pregnancies. If I didnt I was throwing up because the acid comming back up my throat. I hope you get some relief!

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Unfortunatly I am in the same boat as you! It's horrible, I had bad heartburn with my first but that was nothing compared to acid reflux. I hate it and actually was planning on asking my midwife at next appt. what I can do for it....It is impossible for me to not eat 2-3 hours before bed, I eat and drink right up to going to sleep every night, so I just keep tums by my bed and 2-3 a night usually will do the trick. I do try not to drink acidy things at night, but mostly it's just from the dinner I had. Good luck, I am hoping this doesn't last the next 3 months as well!!!

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For me, the best thing for heartburn/reflux is whole raw almonds. If I have heartburn I eat a handful and it immediately solves the problem. It sounds strange, but it is true.

I wish I had known about almonds for my first 3 pregnancies....but didn't learn about this until my 4th when my MW told me to try them. Now both dh and I keep almonds next to the bed instead of Tums. Wink

Try it-- I swear that it works like a charm. Good luck!