New Dr. Questions?

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New Dr. Questions?

I have my first appointment tomorrow with my new doctor and can't even think what questions I should be asking at this point since I am transferring so late in my pregnancy. Any ideas or do you think this will just be a routine 35 week appointment?

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Are you delivering at a different hospital? I would ask about what the 'typical' birthing experience is there.

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Yes it is in a different city and at a hospital that I have heard both very nice and not nice things about Sad

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I switched OBs when I was really far along with my twins 9 years ago - it's scary, but it'll be fine. Since you don;t know this doc, I would spend time talking to him about his birthing philosophy and make your wishes known to him. Be prepared to answer lots of questions about your history and this pregnancy - if he's a good doc, he's going to want to know as many details as possible about your current pregnancy. If you have a birth plan, be sure to bring it with you to discuss with him. You may also want to find out what the delivery policy is there - do you get whoever is on call, or your doc? Since you are so far along, you should ask ANYTHING that is important to you regarding your birth at this point. Don't feel like you are on the same page about anything until you talk to him about it!

Anyway, good luck! I hope you like him! Biggrin