Nicest doctor in Calgary!

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Nicest doctor in Calgary!

I had my first pre-natal appointment with my doctor. Basically we ordered up all the tests I will do in January when I get back (blood, ultrasounds, etc)... No real physical since I had had one last July. She explained why she didn't want me to ski (fear of falling), and told me she tends to be ultraconservative and I could make my own decision. THEN she offered to BUY my ski passes. (The ones I bought a week before I got pregnant.) I got the distinct impression it was as much to keep me from regretting the waste of money on having bought them, as to have them herself....

She then attempted to find the baby's heartbeat on Doppler, but it was a low chance of finding so early (8 1/2 weeks), and she didn't succeed, but it was nice of her to try. (There are no ultrasounds on the facility since its just a family practice.) No big deal.

I love my doctor!


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That's wonderful! I love my OB/GYN. He was my hero through my last pregnancy, lol. It's so great to have a doctor you are happy with.

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The doctor really can make all the difference for you. Glad you like yours so much.