Not the greatest news at my doctors appointment today......

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Not the greatest news at my doctors appointment today......

Went in for my 23/24 week doctors appointment today. Didn't get the best news in the world, but in the end everything is fine, thank God!! My doc told us that the results from my ultrasounds came in and they both said that they couldn't locate the left kidney. Usually, they wouldn't be overly concerned, because you can be born with 1 kidney and be fine, but my first son was diagnosed with Potter's Syndrome and passed away from it. (His kidneys failed to form and he had no fluid because of that, and because of the lack of fluid, his lungs didn't develop, and because of that.....he couldn't breathe well at birth and passed away shortly after.) So because of our past history with kidney problems and DH's family history with kidney problems (DH's aunt also had a potters baby, and DH's cousin's baby was born with only one kidney) they are being cautious about things.
My doctor said that it is possible that both of the kidneys are there, but they just couldn't see the left one because of his position. They did say he was being stubborn and didn't want to show that side. So they didn't get the greatest view. My doctor isn't concerned, because this baby has plenty of amniotic fluid (which Isaac didn't have at all), and they can see a working kidney, plus they can see his bladder, and he is making breathing motions on the ultrasound which shows that his lungs are developing!! So this is all good news. My doctor thought she might have seen both of the kidneys today when we looked, but couldn't be positive.
So for now, we do nothing. She said that we'll wait til I get further along and send me for another ultrasound and if they still can't see the left kidney, we'll be sent to a neighboring city to a specialist who will take a look and either confirm that the kidney is missing, or hopefully find the other kidney.

So all in all.....he's fine, just *might* be missing his left kidney, but he can survive with just one kidney!! So that's great news. My doctor isn't concerned, and neither are we just because of the positive things we see.....(eg; plenty of fluid, one working kidney, bladder functioning, lungs developing.)

I just didn't expect to hear all this today. I thought it would be a normal appointment. It just kind of shocked me.....because I thought everything was going to be normal this time. I sat there listening to her tell me all this and my mind started reeling and my mind went back to the day she first told me that my first son had no fluid and that I needed to go see a specialist. All those memories and emotions came flooding back and I started shaking and crying and nearly lost my cool........I got a hold of myself though and kept myself from falling apart over nothing. It was just a bit much at the moment. Horrible flashbacks and memories......especially since my sons Birthday/anniversary are coming up next month. I know everything is fine was just not what I wanted to hear.

So, if you could keep the lil guy in your prayers that he has both kidneys. I know he can live with just one, but having two would be nice Biggrin

If you got this far, thanks for listening......oh and I get to do my sugar test at my next appointment! Such fun!! LOL

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When I saw your status, it scared me. I'm happy to hear though that he had good fluid and looks to be developing normally. I will definitely keep him in my prayers. Love you girl...

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That would be unnerving for any mom, and I can only imagine how it would bring everything flooding back for you. That is impressive that you kept your cool! I'm glad he is healthy though and I hope they find the other kidney.

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What a horrible thing to go through. I'm glad everything seems to be looking good though, and I hope they find that other he has the option of being a kidney doner one day Smile

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Wow - that must have been very scary to hear for you...
I hope all is well and will keep your little guy in my prayers... keep us posted on the follow up w/ the specialist!

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Wow- I was not expecting this when I saw your post today. You have such an amazingly good attitude about everything too, wow. I work with a girl who was born with just one kidney, but she didn't know it until she was pregnant with her first. So yes, you can definitely be perfectly normal with just one, although we will definitely be praying for TWO!!

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Wow! How scary and unnerving! I am glad to hear that things seem to be ok, and I will be praying that they see another perfect little kidney on your next US Smile As a side note one of my best friends was born with just one kidney and she had no idea until she was in her 20's, and she is perfectly healthy Smile

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I am sorry to hear this but glad everything is looking good. Will definitely send some good thoughts your way!

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Aw, that sounds really stressful with your previous history! Hope they can find the other one in a few months, but glad they can see one for sure.