Not so Handy

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Not so Handy

Just a rant: So, our front door's security screen door has been broken for about 5 months and the Hubby recently wants it fixed so we can have people over for a barbeque, so they don't have to go through the garage and well...he is not the handiest man in the tool box. He has looked up some things to fix it and nothing has worked, but really how hard is it to screw in some bolts that you have already taken out? I go outside, mind you it is like 100 degrees right now, and show him how to get the screws to fit and VIOLA our screen door is back on its hinges, and we called a locksmith to fix the deadbolt that has decided to be stuck and not unlock. Anyways, will all of this being said, my DH has been adding things to his summer to do list before baby is born and I am going to have to persuade him that he will get frustrated and he should wait until after so that I am able to help.

Oh and did I mention that I think DH is getting all of the preggo mood swings...and forgetfulness. It is ten times worse since next week is the last week of school for him!