Off for 2 weeks!

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Off for 2 weeks!

So long ladies,

Im leaving tomorrow morning to visit parents in Ohio and in-laws in Michigan for 2 weeks. As we are hoping to keep this a secret the entire time, it is unlikely I will be surfing on a borrowed computer (except very very occasionally in the dark of night). I think my nausea is kicking in, so should be interesting! Maybe I say I caught something on the plane...

Mostly the reason we are keeping it a secret is that my daughter would be devastated if I lost the baby... I will wait until after the mid-January ultrasound, at the earliest.

Praying for no more scares and lots of healthiness and happiness for the ladies of July over the next 2 weeks and into the New Year. Wonderful Christmas to everyone!

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Have a blast while you're gone. And GL keeping quiet!

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Hope you have a great time! I would have such a hard time keeping it quiet!!

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Have a great trip! Hope the nausea isn't too bad or it might give you away. See you when you get back.

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I hope you have a great trip and that the nausea isn't too terrible for you!

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Have fun with your family & enjoy the holidays!

Good luck keeping the secret!