Off for a week

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Off for a week

So, tomorrow morning I leave on a 12 hour drive, just me and my kids, to go visit family for a week. DH was supposed to come, but his cousins kids died in a fire last night so he is off to our home town right now to be with family, while I head the other way to see mine. We offered to go too, but he didnt want our kids to be around the kind of grief that will be going on right now, especially since they didnt know the boys who died.

It is just such a horrible tragedy. And a totally random series of events that lead to it. The family is really close and it is really tearing them up.

Anyways, I just wanted to let everyone know I would be gone for awhile, but everything is fine (baby wise). I just cant seem to get over this loss. The pregnancy hormones probably arent helping either. Every time I think about it, I just have to hug my kids a million times. These little guys were only 5 and 8, and it happened so fast. So scary!

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That is absolutely heartbreaking. I can only imagine all the emotions that your family and your husbands must be going through right now. It is definitely a reminder though to hug and love your kids even in the rough moments because you never know. Sending thoughts and prayers your way. I hope you have a safe trip.