OK, I have to ask.........

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OK, I have to ask.........

Is anyone still DTD regularly? Things are pretty quiet over here, (poor DH). I am just like NOT in the mood......AT ALL. It is weird with both of my other pregnancies I couldn't get enough, and this is a total 180. I still try to get into the mood every few weeks so my DH doesn't feel totally neglected, (he has been totally sweet and understanding) but ugh. I just don't want to. Normally we are a 3X's a week couple......I feel like the worst wife ever!!! Plus I have started having like severe pelvic/pubic bone pain to where I can barely walk so DTD is the last thing on my mind.....Anyone else not feeling it?? Or am I alone over here?

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I'm there. I have no interest in DTD while I am pregnant. I wasn't interested last pregnancy either. I have tried to be more interested in it this pregnancy since we did a whole like 4 times in 10 mos last time. It's hard to get in the mood when your so tired and your body is already starting to hurt.

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I'd rather sleep Blum 3 plus my 'who ha' hurts these days.....

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My DH is horribly neglected. We haven't DTD since I got a BFP! Sad I'm awful. But we are definitely not a 3x a week couple normally. When DS was born, we didn't DTD for a long time after the birth. I remember women talking about DTD like 6 weeks later and I was like "HOW???" Anyway, I guess I have a pretty low sex drive anyway, and pregnancy and childbirth do NOT help with that situation.

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It doen't matter what he or I may want. I'm on total pelvic rest so nothing can happen.

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I totally lose interest when pregnant (it happened with DD too). I have to make a huge effort to keep it up once a week or DH gets grumpy, withdrawn and not sympathetic at all. He's currently getting grumpy since it's been a week (last Friday night) but he was gone on Wed and then I had the stomach flu and am still recovering so maybe tomorrow. I have a friend who refers to DTD as "watering the plants." A chore that really perks him up, but a chore nontheless (however happy you are to see him flourishing). I always have a good time, it's just tough getting the energy to get things started. So I guess yes, once a week (or at least once every two weeks) so I can enjoy DH's love and sympathy. (and he still thinks he's a deprived husband).

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I'm in the opposite boat. I want to but I'm on pelvic rest. With PTL issues, my doc wants to be on the safe side. I *wish* I could! The grass is alway greener, huh? Wink

My friend is also pregnant and she says they use "the substitute" when she is not up for it. I don't know what it's called but it is just what it sounds like... A substitute. That way they are still intimate but she doesn't have to DTD. We don't use anything like that but I do my best to, um, give him attention (you catch my drift?) when it's been about a week.

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I am in the same boat. It is very hard to get in the mood, I try to DTD once a week, but more like the watering the plants stated above than actually wanting to. I feel horrible and DH also gets irritated if he we don't DTD for a while. You are definitely not alone. Plus, the weight gain has been a bit to bare for me personally, I know I don't look fat, but I feel HUGE. I have always been one to keep the same weight over the last 10 or so years and when it goes up a couple pounds I would hit the gym, but this whole big belly thing is so weird. I am just trying to stay as fit as humanly possible, which is sometimes impossible with depleted energy and all over discomfort.

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I'm with Kayla. I want to ALL THE TIME but am on pelvic rest so we haven't DTD in the past 7 weeks. All I can think of is how long we still have to go, and then how long we have to wait after that, lol! DH and I still are "satisfied" but it's one thing I am looking forward to, say, in September?!?

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I am soo not in the mood either... and wasn't last pregnancy either... I try to DTD like every 2-3 weeks to keep DH happy, but also it is very uncomfortable for me so DH doesn't put to much pressure on...there is only one position that doesn't hurt so I don't feel too bad...

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Lol, I think I'm the odd ball here. My husband does not like DTD when I'm pregnant (it freaks him out) but I could do it everyday. My libido is always high when I'm pregnant. Lol. Poor me!! We haven't DTD since January. Sad

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Well I am glad to hear I am not alone Smile I will admit that I will be happy when I can have my normal sex life back, and I am sure DH will be too Smile