Owie!!!!! (pic)

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Owie!!!!! (pic)

I'm not one to bare my bare belly, but this is kinda funny and I'm sure some of you will understand!! She does this often, and sometimes I'll have contractions at the same time which make it worse. Of the joys of pregnancy!! Anyway...pic...

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Yep, sticking the butt out. I prefer the butt to the feet though--those feetsies are so pokey and he can stretch them out so much further. Ouch, it does hurt! But good to know they are moving around and happy in there.

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Oh, yup this is familiar Smile I sometimes look like I am smuggling a football because there are pointy parts to my belly lol, but yes it is mighty uncomfy.

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Yes - I can sympathize!!!!
Its just so strange! I never would have thought that you can "see" the baby's movements like this!