Photos of Caroline

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Photos of Caroline

Hi All.

We have been home since Monday, and other than adjusting to life as a sleep-derived Mommy of two DDs, things are going really well. Here are a few photos of Caroline. The first is DD1 holding her (notice her feeding tube). That came out the next day and she's now a BFing champ (with a shield but I am so glad we are home). The next is a photo on her last day in the special care nursery. I can't believe how much hair she has - way more than DD1 for sure. I finally gave her a bath today and was hoping her hair would stick up but it still is laying flat. Hope you all are doing well.



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Ohh, she's so pretty! I love her hair. And Sierra's face looks full of wonder in the first pic. Precious!

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Both your girls are so sweet! And all that hair! My kids all came pretty close to bald, so lots of hair on a baby is always shocking to me!