Pics of Zachariah

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Pics of Zachariah

Hooked up to oxygen, and IV Sad

A day old, after they took him off the oxygen and IV. Took about a day n a half after he was born to be able to come into our room.

Yesterday, with his eyes open checking everything out Smile

We are going home in a little bit. Zachariah developed jaundice and has to be on a bili bed until tomorrow. He has a doctors appointment then, hopefully he won't have to be on it after that. Nursing is going good. my milk came in and he nurses like a champion!

Sorry the pics are so big. I'm doing this from my phone and cant resize.
I'll update more when I'm feeling better Biggrin

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So happy to hear that everything is going well and you get to go home. That first picture is heartbreaking, and I'm not his mom! So glad you didnt have issues with your milk (being away from him), and that he is looking so alert and healthy now. And what is with all the babies with so much HAIR on this board Smile So cute!

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Aww, look at those beautiful eyes! So sweet!

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He is super cute!!! Congrats again love all the hair.

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I can not get over how much he looks like Sadie!!! Soo adorable! Good job Mama!!!

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He looks great! Congratulations! So glad your milk came in and he is a great nurser.

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So adorable!!!

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He is absolutely adorable! I've followed your journey for a long time, and I'm so happy that your baby boy is here safe and sound!

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What a precious, precious boy. Congrats!

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He is just perfect! So glad to hear he is nursing great. Congrats!!

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He really is so adorable! I'm sorry about the rough start for both of you, but I hope you are feeling better very soon and able to enjoy every second with that handsome little boy!

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Gorgeous! I'm glad that he's doing well after his rough start!

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Congrats to you and your family!! He is adorable.

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So beautiful - glad to hear things are going well!

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I'm so glad he is here safe and sound and that you are okay. He is so handsome.