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Plans to Announce.

So does anyone have any plans of how your are going to announce the news to your Family, In-laws, Friends?

When we got PG with DD, my Dad was the first family member I called. I'm glad I did because he never got to meet her. He passed away when I was 5 Months pregnant. My mom I held off till Mothers day since I found out in April and I wrapped up a test and gave it to her as her gift. He called and told his mom the same day we found out so nothing exciting there. I told my friends right after I took the tests bc I needed help obsessing over the light BFP line.

This time around I think I'm going to do the I'm the Big sister Shirt. That's all I thought of right now. Close friends I'll probably tell right away, Rest of the Family I will probably wait till I'm out of the first trimester.

I'm just hoping His mom takes the news well because she's been watching DD for us exclusively since my mom hasn't been able to because of health reasons. So this would mean she would have 2 to deal with. But on the other hand the baby would be about 3 months before she would have to worry about it because I'm planning on staying home 3 months this time instead of 2 since we will have things figured out where we can afford it. I'll get 1 month paid leave through work, I also have 3 weeks paid vacation, plus 3 personal days, and 6 sick days. Then we will just need to save a months worth of bills to take the extra month off. Which will be nice because then I would go back sometime in October of next year. That is if we are in fact pregnant right now. Of course the time frame of when I would go back would be different if we aren't.

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If I got preg ASAP I might announce to my family at Thanksgiving, depending on due date... or might try to hold off until Xmas and frame an U/S pic or something... or dress Brody in big brother shirt for Xmas morning...

I'd tell two of my friends before then probably.

I'd tell the "rest of the world" probably.... after 12 weeks or 2nd trimester... Maybe just a picture of Brody in his shirt or something

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I plan on getting t shirts. when i was pg with Alyssa we just told everyone. With Logan we put a t shirt on alyssa that said "I'm going to be a big sister!" this time I'm gonna get her a shirt that says "I'm gonna be a big sister again" and logan can have one that says "i'm a big brother" i think i'll take a pic and email them Smile we live so far if i had to wait till i saw my family the baby would probably be here. LOL "surprise!"

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Every time I talk to either of my sisters, they ask me if I'm pregnant yet :rolleyes: so I will probably tell them as soon as I know. But I have been wanting to do the I'm a Big Brother shirt thing since DS was born, so I want to try and keep it a secret at least long enough to play that trick on my parents, maybe at thanksgiving if it worked this month. We are going to DH's parents house for Xmas a few states away, so maybe I'll put the shirt on him there too--both DH's sisters will be there and some other family. I love the idea of putting the shirt on him and waiting to see how long it takes for someone to notice! I may also tell a few close friends before the 12 week mark, but I will wait until the second trimester to tell friends, co-workers and less-than-immediate family. If they hear through the grapevine before that, whatever, but I won't officially announce it to the world until the second tri.

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we bought a white shirt and a decal that says Im going to be a big brother and we are goin to wear it at my parents and at my inlaws and see how long it takes to get it

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We will only tell a few friends at first. Unfortunately, I know we'll get some negative reactions. People already thought we were crazy for having 5 kids. It's sad but I think my close friends will be more excited than my family. If I was pregnant this time around, I'd like to wait until Thanksgiving but don't know if I could hide it that long. After 5 kids, I start popping pretty early ( I was in maternity pants by 9 weeks last time). If I get pregnant next time, I'd like to wait until Christmas. If that were the case, I'd probably wrap up an u/s pic and give it to my parents.

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I've given this a lot of thought, but still haven't decided.

I know that if this cycle is successful we will tell my Brother in Law when he is home for DD's birthday party in November. He lives in Houston TX and we live on the IL side of STL. He is the only family we have that is not in the area which means he is the only family who might not be here for the birth. We will probably just tell him when we can get him alone.

DH and I had an ectopic pregnancy and loss in 10/08. Because my risk is much higher now, we will not tell anyone, other than BIL, until my midwife hears the heartbeat and we know that our bean is in the right place. We have thought about doing a Big Sister shirt or a video of DD somehow announcing. I honestly have no idea how our families will react. I think some will be happy and others will think we are crazy. My dad is very vocally against me having another baby until I graduate ... I on the other hand don't want a five or six year gap between our kiddos.