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Possibly Joining your Group

Hey Ladies!
I may possibly be joining your group so I wanted to introduce myself!

I'm Jennifer, married to David, and have 1 adorable little toddler - Ronan(he'll be three on the 25th!)
My hubby and I have kind of been TTC for the past few months. And I think this month may be it. My period is usually pretty regular at 28 days, but sometimes spans out a bit. Last month it came on day 29. So this month I was expecting it anywhere from Thursday(day 28) to Saturday (day 30). So I'm now 3-5 days late depending on when I ovulated. I took a test early, and then again on Monday. Both BFN but still no flo! My boobs are feeling kind of tender off and on, and I've been insanely nauseous :puke2: since Sunday night. I'm feeling little bits of cramping and have moments of just knowing my period started to only find out that it still hasn't shown. We definitely DTD around when I should have ovulated, so it's highly possible and even probably that I am pregnant, but I still haven't had a BFP.

I'm going to be getting some extra tests from my friend who just found out she's pregnant a month or so ago. So hopefully . . . we'll get a real answer!

The only real sucky side to all of this, is that I just lost my job last Monday! So, I've got the stress of trying to find a new job, actually going for a job that utilizes my college degree, and I may be pregnant! WTH!? Really crappy timing! No matter where I get a job, it's not going to be able to provide me with maternity leave! Urgh!

Don't get me wrong - I totally want to have another baby, and I'll be glad to see a BFP. My husband and I were just starting to chip away at debt and financial frustrations, and now . . .:confused:

Anyway, I'd love to be joining your group!

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Hi Jennifer!!! Welcome to July, hopefully!! I hope that you can get some answers soon on whether or not you are preggo. Sorry about your job!!:bigarmhug: Hopefully everything works out for the best for you.

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Welcome! Hopefully you get some answers soon Biggrin

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Welcome to July! Hope you get your BFP in the next day or 2!

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Welcome! I hope you get a nice, clear answer soon!

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Welcome. Your signs sound really promising, I hope this is it for you!

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Thank you!
I'm now about 5-7 days late and still nothing. I'm totally nauseous all day long, every day!

I asked my friend for some tests, but she's been so busy that I think my hub's picking a pack up for me on his way home from work tonight . . . so we shall see!

Everything is so up in the air right now, it's making me really stressed! We've talked about a couple of different options as to moving either to SC or Nashville, because the cost of living is so expensive here in Baltimore.

I'll keep you posted as to my results . . . Smile

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I live in Baltimore too!!! And I feel you on the cost of living - we live downtown! Let me know what kind of work you do and I can let you know if I know of any job openings!!! PM me!

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I'm sorry about your job! That's really unfortunate. I hope that you find a new one soon and also get an answer as to whether or not your pregnant! Good luck!!!

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Well, I'm now 6 days late, no AF and still BFN! WTH??? I have no idea what's going on with my body! I'll keep waiting and try another test next week if still no AF. We'll see . . . .

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Well - AF started this afternoon :confused:
I've been crying all day. . . .
Here comes the vent:
I lost my job. My husband and I just opened new separate bank accounts (I like to shop). Due to the crappy wage I was making and a student loan payment I have no money to my name. My 10 year high school reunion is tonight and it's frickin' $40 a person! So for my hubby and I to go it will cost $80 out of HIS account! Our son's birthday (and party) are next Friday, so we need money to buy his gifts. So it looks like we're not going to make it to my reunion, which I've been helping plan and have been looking forward to for months!
And on top of that, I'm not pregnant!
This is just one sh**ty month for me right now! :argh:

Sorry. Had to vent. I've been home with my kiddo all day with no one to talk to.

I hope you all have a great, happy, healthy nine months with happy healthy babies!!!

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I'm so sorry. You really are having a crappy month! Hopefully December will be much better for you!! Lots and lots of >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>