Prelim CVS results are NORMAL

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Prelim CVS results are NORMAL

What a stressful week it was last week! Our prelim CVS results came back normal, it will take 2 weeks for the final results, but they assured me that they should be the same. I had an ob appointment this morning. Everything is good - except my blood pressure is rising a little. Of course since it's been a problem in the past, it's causing me stress. UGH. I go back in 4 weeks for my ultrasound and another appointment. In the mean time, they will be scheduling me an appointment with the high risk doc.

And now the important part.......IT'S A BOY!!!

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Oh I am so relieved to hear that the test came back with good results! What a relief to you and your family!

Your boys must be over the moon to have a baby brother! Congrats!

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What a relief and how exciting to find out the gender. I think I will get my results from all the bloodwork at my next doc visit. I am hoping it is all good so I can relax until the anatomy scan.

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Glad all is normal! Hope you get the blood pressure in check.