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Just curious if they make anyone else sick?? I haven't been taking them for this very reason. My last 4 pregnancies I tried to take them but they made me so sick that I stopped taking them. I've been EXTREMELY tired this pregnancy, to the point where I can't function properly. So I thought I'd try the prenatals and see if they helped with the fatigue. I took one yesterday and I was able to stay awake til 10pm last night......(I'm usually dead tired by 7 and in bed by 8 or 9.) The only down side was it made my morning sickness worse Sad Today I'm on the verge of actually puking.

I need something to help with my fatigue, but won't make my morning sickness worse. Any thoughts?

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Hmmm, maybe some B6?? I know for me with my other 2 kiddos I was EXTREMELY tired all the time and turns out my iron was very low, and I had to start taking slow fe, (and iron supplement) which made all the difference, but it did constipate me...blah. I hope you can find something that will bring your energy back!!!

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I'm taking chewables...Bellybar. They taste kinda gross, actually (sweet, but definitely vitamin-y), but don't make me sick. You could also take Flintstones or another chewable children's vitamin twice a day and that's basically the same as a prenatal. To be honest, I don't take it every day because sometimes I just don't want to deal with the taste. But it's stupid, it's not that bad. It's just when you're pregnant it's so hard to force yourself to eat something you don't want to eat Wink

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"acqualin21" wrote:

I'm taking chewables...Bellybar...You could also take Flintstones or another chewable children's vitamin twice a day and that's basically the same as a prenatal.

Prenatals increased my m\s too! I hated it. And so I tried Bellybar. Didn't help - made me nauseous right after taking.

So my doctor said take 2 Flintstone completes chewable vitamins (i.e., one in morning and one in night). It has done wonders and I absolutely love it. At about 20 weeks, I started taking an additional DHA supplement.

NO sickness for me anymore!

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They have adult chewable vitamins up here, if you are turned off by cartoon characters on the label, see if you can find them. Make sure you're getting enough folate, (B9) 400 micrograms but no more than 1000 micrograms a day. See what you can get from fortified foods like bread and pasta. That is more likely to be absorbed by your body than the vitamins.

I have a friend who is running a large study in Alberta on nutrition and pregnancy. She was looking at my prenatals and said its a waste to take 1000 micrograms of folate, the body can't absorb that much. A lot of those big horse pills are loaded down with too much stuff and don't get absorbed by the body anyway. So its worth it to find something smaller and more palatable.

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My doctor told me not to worry about prenatals until I had MS under control. I actually took one yesterday and didn't feel too bad. They prenatals help with energy? My sister told me to take them at night...that wouldn't be good lol

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I'm prolly super bad here. I don't take prenatals. They make me sick. I have heard of the flintstones, never tried it.

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I try to take mine at bedtime so I sleep thru the worst of the upset stomach from them.

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I take them after dinner to be sure I am taking them on a full stomach - I have no problem sleeping at all, I personally don't think they help with energy but they might help others.
also my Dr. gave me 5 different 1 week samples of pre-natels so I tooke each for a week to see which ones have the least amount of side effects, but they all make me constipated!

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I take a gummy prenatal, I'm not preggo yet, just preparing Smile The brand is VitaFusion- there is DHA in them too, if that's something you'd like to take. You are supposed to take 2 a day, so I take one in the morning and one at night to make sure that the vitamins get a pp stated the body can only absorb so much at one time. The only downside to these vitamins is there isn't any calcium in them, so I take a chewable calcium pill twice a day too.

ETA: They taste like a sour gummy candy! Yum. I actually like taking them every day Biggrin

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My doc says no prenatals if you are having m/s. I've been taking Flintstones instead but may stop those if m/s keeps increasing over the next few days.