Preparing for baby?

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Preparing for baby?

I'm itching to start setting everything up for baby......but I've still got 6-8 weeks left til baby gets here Sad
When is everyone planning on setting things up? (Furniture, baby g ear) When do you plan on washing and putting away baby stuff??
I still havnt taken the car seat out of the box, or the pack n play......I want to so bad!! But I'm sure it'll be in the way.

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I'm slowly working through things, mindful not to get too far ahead since we still have awhile. Since I'm a FTM I'm mainly focused on re-organizing my house to fit all the baby stuff. I've made room in the kitchen cabinets, pantry and cleaned out the playroom with the exception of one bookshelf I need DH to look at.

My doctor checked me yesterday at my appointment and I was dilated 1cm, even with my cerclage. She said next week if I even make 1/2 cm more progress she will have to take the cerclage out early to prevent tearing, eek! I guess I really need to wash clothes and pack hospital bag, but everything else can wait. I have diapers and bassinet put together, as well as PnP we've had since our niece was born.

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Hm, not sure what "too far ahead" is but I think I'm there! LOL

Clothes have been sorted, washed, and hung up. Sheets, bibs, burp cloths, lap pads, pnp sheets all washed and put away. No sheets on the crib yet bc I don't want them to get dusty. Bouncer, crib, changing table, car seat, stroller all put together, swing is almost put together. Baby toys and books out of storage and washed (when necessary).

Bottles haven't been washed, car seat hasn't been installed, nursery decorations not put up (partially bc we still don't have a name!), other little things still to buy. Basically, if it's something we already had from DS1 and can be reused, it's ready. The things we need to replace aren't all ready. Oh, and hospital bag isn't ready, but I still have 7 weeks till full term and 9 until c/s.

I guess I figure, I might as well get things done while I still have energy. I have plenty to do while I'm sitting on my butt, like finish my dissertation rough draft, etc. I was doing laundry and setting stuff up just a few days before I went into labor last time, and it was so hard on me that it made me want to work ahead this time. Also, I try to be mindful that I have several friends who went into labor at 32-35 weeks, so I always like to be prepared. Smile

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I have everything washed and put in her little drawers, but as far as having the nursery set up....Nope. We are moving in 2 weeks so I have to wait until we are in our new house for that and it is driving me nuts!!! Everything else is all good to go though.....I just can't wait to be moved so we can be settled!

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I still have practically nothing ready! I am getting closer though. Mostly I just have organizational things to do. All the boys and girls clothes are sorted by size and vacuum sealed, but I need to get a dresser for DS's clothes before I can wash and put them away, as he is using the babies cupboards. I just put the mattress on the top bunk today, so in a few days (or weeks, depending on how DD adjusts to the top) DS will be able to move onto the bottom bunk and the crib will be ready for baby. Other than that, I just need to clear out my spare room for visitors (all the winter gear is waiting to be sorted and put into storage in there) and clean out my own closet (just cause it is bugging me). I also have a baby chair to set up, but not in a rush on that.....then we should be ready.....I think Smile

We are pretty minimalist when it comes to baby stuff, so mostly it is just moving things around to settle the kids in right now.

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Since my Dr. said he may deliver the baby any day now - I am pretty much all set to go...
clothes all washed and put away, hospital bag semi packed (except the stuff I use everyday), sheets washed, car seat covers washed, ect

only thing we still need to do is finalize names, install car seat, set up the pack in play in the living room and bring the swing downstairs and put together the crib - though DH doesn't think we need to do that for a while since baby sleeps in a bassinet in our room for at least 4-6 months anyway and it will just take up extra space in DS's room now.

I say you can never be ready to early!

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Let's see...not that ready. All the big furniture is put together and in place such as our crib, changing dresser, dresser, and organizer. Still need to sort through clothes and everything to organize the nursery, but waiting until this weekend is over because I have a baby shower with my inlaws this Sunday. I can't wait until after that so we can go buy whatever else we still need. We don't have the stroller, car seat, pack in play, or bassinet yet. I can't believe I haven't bought anything else, but both of my mothers keep telling me to wait until after the shower. We do have a closet full of diapers in all sizes!

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So we are pretty much done with everything. I don't think we have much left a few purchases but nothing that we had to have before baby came. At about 20 weeks the getting room ready and everything together kicked in.

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We have everything bought, we don't need anything else. Also have enough diapers and wipes to last us a few months and even have a couple packs in the next sizes (2-3). I bought/received too many newborn sized diapers, so those need to be exchanged. Im just waiting to put everything together, open things, wash, put away......I still need to buy a small dresser. That's the only thing I have left to buy, besides pads n hospital bag stuff.

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I've got 6 weeks today until my scheduled csection. I'm thinking another 3 weeks before I get anything else out of storage. The crib was never taken down from my last one so it's been up for 2 years. LOL. But I still have to put the carseat in the van, get some of the baby gear from storage and go through and wash the baby clothes. Oh and I have to find something (either a dresser or changing table) to put the clothes in. But I feel if I do of this earlier it would all be in the way and my 2 year old will just wanna get into everything. I have however thought about switching her over to the other side of our van so she gets use to it before the baby comes.