QOTD: Thursday 12/1

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QOTD: Thursday 12/1

What is the first baby thing you have bought or will buy?

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Made my first purchase yesterday. Biggrin Jumped on a sale on some cloth diapers in XS and S. I sold off our smalls from when my DD was little so they needed to be replaced. I can't wait to get those teeny things in the mail!

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A while back when we where TTC I found this adorable little monkey winter cap and mittens. I loved it so much I had to get it! Its been sitting in our closet waiting for our BFP to show up and now I get to bring it out. Its so soft and sweet, just makes me melt thinking of our LO.

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We found out about this LO on Halloween this year, so of course when I saw a bunch a cute 'Baby Boo' outfits on sale after the holiday.. I had to buy one, or two Smile

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I think all I will need for this little bean are lots and lots of diapers. I do love the little newborn pampers ones that have the little yellow line down the center that turns green when they are wet. It makes life so much easier to not have to guess whether they are wet or not.

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I haven't bought anything yet, surprisingly. I guess I'm still scared of jinxing anything.

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"Aggiegirl06" wrote:

I haven't bought anything yet, surprisingly. I guess I'm still scared of jinxing anything.

Me too!

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I am a couponer, so I have been building up a stash of diapers and wipes for about 2 years, and if anyone asked, I would tell them I used them for shower gifts. Which is true some did go to that. So I probably have about a years worth of diapers and 6 months of wipes hanging out in our hall closet. I also bought a little pair of booties for our announcement, but that is it. Since there will be 7 years between my youngest and this one we will have to buy everything......

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We have not bought anything yet... all we really need is a new crib since our old one was wayyyy to old - probally not safe when we used it for DS - so we will buy that at some pint unless we can find one to borrow....
We won't be finding out the sex of the baby (and didn't with DS) so all our newborn stuff is gender neutral... I am sure as time goes on....(the the christmas stress / bills are behind us) I will think of some new things I will want for baby.