QOTD: Tuesday 11/29

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QOTD: Tuesday 11/29

How/where did you and DH/SO meet?

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About four years ago My DH was at an all boys b-day party that I crashed with a friend of mine. My friend actually ended up on his lap by the end of the night! They semi saw eachother for a few weeks, but he was too much of a good boy for her. They set us up on a blind date (didn't want to get into the friend dating friend's xs) and, as you can imagine, we were a hit Smile We just had our 3-year anniversary.

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We went to the same grad school, and his roommate was in my program, and they hosted a party. I was dating someone at the time, but a couple of months later when I was single, the roommate set us up, and the rest is history. We have been together since April 2000!

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Cyber Love

We actually met online and decided very quickly to meet for a cup of coffee (which turned into a 5 hour date!). I knew right away he was the one! We have been together since June 2008 and married since October 2010

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We actually met in Spanish class in highschool. It was the first year they were letting 8th graders take HS Spanish, ( I am a year older) and he ended up sitting behind me. I actually thought he was the most annoying person on the planet at first. He was always cracking jokes and it drove me nuts!!! Over the next few years we always had a class or 2 together and we were very good friends and I actually tired to set him up with my best friends little sister but it never worked lol. It wasn't until my senior year that I started to look at him differently and when my Senior Prom rolled arond my date actually got mono 4 days before the dance, I was the queen and was totally embarressed that I would have to go with out a date, (although I don't know why now lol). My DH came to the rescue and offered to take me. He picked me up in a limo and took me to Morton's of Chicago, which is sadly still the nicest place I have ever been too.......Haha. We were head over heels in love after that. Stupid in love really. Our daughter was born a year later and well the rest is history Smile

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We met in College... we were in the same group of friends that always hung out - we were both dating other people but both had a huge crush on each other in my Freshman year (he was a year older) then I got really close w/ his cousin who ended up being my roomate sophmore & Junior year - my Junior year we had a few drunken hook ups and all our friends thought it would be a bad idea b/c one of us would get hurt and ruin our group of friends - Well a year later of casual hook ups he professed his love and we have been together ever since... actually that was 12 years ago on Sunday - Married for 5 years last month!

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I love reading these!

DH and I met when I took a volunteer hike leadership training for the AMC (Appalachian Mountain Club) in the fall of 2003. He was one of the instructors. We both just focused on the class, and after a weekend retreat all the participants were talking about who was going to date who (and separately, all the instructors were talking about who was going to date who) and both DH and I were thinking, I thought this was just a training. Several emails later, he invited himself to a Halloween party I was going to (likely because I was going to be a ladybug, but not a boring ladybug, I was going to wear leather pants to spice it up). We had lots of fun and our life has been an adventure ever since.

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These stories always put a smile on my face! Biggrin It's awesome to hear about the beginnings of everyones relationships.

DH and I met the summer going into 9th grade with some mutual friends. It was 1998 and when we finally went on our first "date" my dad actually wouldn't let me go unless he went with us. Embarrassing! We went to see Armageddon and it's been my favorite ever since.

We dated most of high school and all of college and got married in 2008- 10 years after we first met. :biglove:

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On my way to look at a duplex to rent I drove past a hot guy running down the road. When I got to the duplex the owner said that two guys were renting the other side and were about my age. Then she said one of them actually just went out for a run. I immediately said where do I sign. Over the next few weeks I stalked/pursued him by watching for him when he went out for his runs and just happened to be outside when he came back. Our first date was a double date to a drive-in movie where we talked through the whole thing. Now six years later we have been married for 3 years and have #3 on the way. It is amazing how time flies when you are having fun. Wink

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Loving the stories!!

DH and I met online. We talked through emails for about 5 months or so and then we decided we should meet and see if there was something there or if it was just going to stay as online friends. Our first date was pretty good and after a few dates we decided to start dating and then a year later we got engaged and 8 months after that we got married and then 9 months after that we decided to start having kids. It's been crazy how fast it has gone.